How to Make a Girl Miss You

A lot of us have that one girl that we like and all we want is for her to think about us, to be interested in us, to always want us around Here are some steps on how to make that special one miss you so much that every time she sees you. She will stick around until you leave (and then miss you again).


  1. 1
    Get to know her. This is what you need to know first. You have to know her like she was your own relative. Get to know what she likes, what she dislikes, what she enjoys, her favorite music, her favorite activities. Girls love to talk about themselves.

    1. 2
      Act on what you know. When you know her likes and dislikes, act on them. If she likes some specific songs, memorize them and sing it when she is near. If she likes to talk about her experiences, listen to them thoroughly, and further question her about them, as it will let her know you were listening.

    2. 3
      Treat her like she is the only one. Have fun around her, be nice to her, flirt around with her(but not too much). The bottom line is make her have fun around you. Always try to make her smile or laugh. Make her feel happy to be with you.

    3. 4
      Earn her trust. Try opening up about some funny stories that happened to you. The more you tell her about you, the more she will begin to trust you and begin telling you some of her secrets. Always listen to them and further question her about it. Over time, she will begin telling you things she has never told anyone.

    4. 5
      Start making her miss you. If she works with you and you see her everyday, consider taking a day off without her knowing. If she goes to school with you, try to be absent for just one day. In other words, be absent from what would be an everyday encounter. This way the next time you see her, she will have realized she missed you and will want to talk to you more. If you want don't look for her, this will make her look for you and come to you for a conversation.

    5. 6
      Wait it out. Now that she got to really know you and she has fun around you, she will begin to be around you more often. She will also give you indications for you to call her or go over to her place. Keep following the steps above and in about a week she will miss you every time you are not with her. If you get lucky, she might come to you and tell you she wants to be more than friends with you. Or if you feel its necessary, ask her to a date and tell her you wish to be more than friends with her. But the bottom line: Both will end up together.



      • Notice that not all girls are the same; this is a basic layout of the strategies you should use. This will work with most girls.
      • This takes time. It won't happen overnight or in a week. Be patient. And don't be discouraged either. In the end it will be worth the wait.
      • Try not to be obsessive. Have fun, but know when enough is enough.
      • Be yourself, and if she likes you she does, if not, get her out of your head and move on.
      • Girls love boys who are themselves
      • Don't disrespect her, for example take another females number while she is there.
      • If she has a boyfriend, don't use these strategies. It would just be cruel.

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